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Preppers Gardening Roundtable (Part 2-ber): Live Q&A ft. YouTube Preppers

ROUNDTABLE GUESTS: Kaylie from "Provident Preppers": Tory from "Permaculture Homestead": Kris aka "City Prepping": Mary Ellen aka "Prepper Potpourri": Craig from "Ethical Preparedness": Heather aka "Mamma Bear Preparedness": GARDENING […]

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EDC Necessities Kit: Prepare for Life

EDC Necessities Kit is for those items you use on a regular basis for everyday life. Keep in your car or where ever that suits your life. Prepare for Life Exclusive Weekly Sensible Prepper videos […]

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10 Portable Prepping Items

In this video I demo 10 portable, foldable, collapsible and rollable camping survival and prepping items! Enjoy Retractable Stool Grilliput Tube Grill Primus Aeril Grill Viking Thermo Gloves Collapsible Kettle NEW! […]

Survival Tips and Guides

Robber Succumbs To Heart Attack During Robbery

Please thank POM Pepper Sprays for bringing us today’s video of Robber Succumbs To Heart Attack During Robbery! Find them at and order your less lethal tool today. POM makes a great product and […]

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Chicago Robber Runs From Officers

Please thank Big Tex Outdoors for bringing us today’s video of Chicago Robber Runs From Officers! They have holsters, accessories, optics and other parts that you need as a self defender. I am one of […]