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MRE Taste Test (Meals Ready To Eat) with Kids

Here’s a link to my favorite MRE’s by Meal Kit Supply: “How To Use the MRE Heater” by Sensible Prepper THE URBAN PREPPER: Amazon Video: Facebook (Like): Twitter: Instagram: Bitchute: […]

Survival hacks

7 Day $20 Dollar Store Survival Challenge – Day 4 – Primitive Fish Trap

Day 4 of my $20 Dollar Store Survival Kit 7 Day Survival Challenge! Become Part of My TRIBE: (Exclusive Perks & Giveaways) Amazon Prime Trial (Supports the Channel) PARTNER of TODAY’s EPISODE: PROCAMPTEK […]

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Off Duty Officer Holds Off Robber

Please thank GunMagWarehouse for bringing us today’s video of Off Duty Officer Holds Off Robber! is their website. is their FB page; is their insta. Let them know you appreciate them helping […]