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Relaxing Nature and Wild Life 2019 -The Survival Channel

Join us on Facebook my friends ! here on the survival channel you will come to find topics of a wide range including but not limited to:Gear Reviews,Bushcraft,Survival gear,Bug out Bag,B.O.B.,back packing,hike,hiking,camp,camping,hiking gear,camping gear,tent,tents,hiking […]

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Three Videos With Many Lessons

Please thank Collectibles Insurance Services for bringing us today’s video of Three Videos With Many Lessons! Get A Quote on their website at CIS has a passion for protecting your rare treasures. We are […]

Survival hacks

MRE Taste Test (Meals Ready To Eat) with Kids

Here’s a link to my favorite MRE’s by Meal Kit Supply: “How To Use the MRE Heater” by Sensible Prepper THE URBAN PREPPER: Amazon Video: Facebook (Like): Twitter: Instagram: Bitchute: […]