1 Missing Boy Walks Out Of Woods After 11 Days, But He Wasn’t Alone

Missing Boy Walks Out Of Woods After 11 Days, But He Wasn’t Alone.
Cases of people getting lost in the woods were not new to Park Chief Ranger Steve Kloster. Given that he handled over 6,700 acres of land, situations where travelers or even locals wander off and have difficulty finding their way back no longer fazed him. However, there was something about this particular boy’s case that felt a little off.

Park Chief Kloster felt that there was a piece of the puzzle missing but he couldn’t figure out which one. The kid had been lost for 11 days now and any more days added could mean further danger. His stepdad was also strangely in the picture — but why was he involved?

Austin Bohannon was only 18 years old, but he had seen many an outdoor adventure that even frequent hikers and mountaineers don’t usually experience. When he decided to brave the harsh wilderness of the Smoky Mountains with his stepdad, he was nothing short of ready and raring for the adventure. This time, however, luck wasn’t on his side and he found himself in a desperate situation.

When search parties were sent out to find him, they could not identify even the slightest trace of his existence. It was as if he simply disappeared into thin air. Austin was a seasoned woods and wilderness guy, but in this case, things took a dangerous 180-degree turn.

Voiceover by Scott Leffler — scottleffler.com

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