10 Survival Life Hacks You Need to Know

Are you confident you know how to properly treat a wound, dental injury, scrape, or poisoning? Many people treat injuries based on instinct and misinformation. Although they really wanna help, they can end up causing more harm to the victim.

For example, a well-known folk remedy for jellyfish stings is to pee on the affected area. But in reality, urine can cause the stinging cells to fire up, only leading to more pain. There is also a common myth that in order to properly clean a wound, it must be disinfected first with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Using these harsh chemicals is not only incredibly painful for the victim, it can also delay healing and harm the tissue. If you wanna learn other do’s and don’ts of administering first aid, watch our new video to learn

Peeing on a jellyfish sting 0:40
Pouring hot water on a frostbite injury 1:16
Cleaning a knocked-out tooth 2:02
Underestimating electrical burns 2:39
Inducing vomiting for poison 3:16
Moving a person who’s been in a car accident 3:57
Leaving scrapes exposed to air 4:47
Putting a severed finger directly on ice 5:36
Cleaning a wound with harsh chemicals 6:13
Taping a wound incorrectly 6:45

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– The areas usually affected by frostbite are the fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks, and chin. The process of warming up can’t be rushed, though; it needs to be gradual.
– A knocked-out tooth is considered a dental emergency. So if you’re hoping for any chance of reattachment, head straight to the dentist. But if the tooth isn’t handled properly at the scene of the accident, reattachment might not be possible.
– Don’t underestimate the damage electricity can do, and head straight to the doctor so that they can evaluate your condition.
– In the past, people were told to keep vomit-inducing ipecac syrup around in case someone in their household got poisoned. Experts nowadays know that vomiting isn’t effective at removing poison from the stomach and have since stopped recommending this treatment.
– Moving the driver or passengers away from the crash scene seems instinctive, but it’s a major no-no. That’s because moving the victim can worsen their injuries, since they might not all be visible on the surface.
– Contrary to popular opinion, a superficial scrape on an arm or leg doesn’t need to “air out” or “breathe”. Leaving your scrape exposed is like leaving the door open for harmful bacteria and dirt to enter, which will increase the risk of infection.
– Losing a finger is totally possible when chopping food, handling knives, or working with dangerous machinery. A common mistake people make is to put the severed finger straight into a bag of ice.
– For cleaning wounds, water’s your best friend. Run the wound under water for at least 5 minutes.
– For superficial wounds, medical tape can save people from going to the E.R and having to get stitches. But if you tape the wound incorrectly, it’ll come loose sooner than later.

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