14 Useful Tips For Surviving on a Deserted Island

From building a quality shelter, to starting a fire. Here are 14 useful tips to survive on a deserted island.

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6. Preparing Your Food
You must carefully prepare your food if you don’t want to get sick from it. Many people watching this video have probably never killed their own food before or know how to prepare it. If you’re lucky, you’d be able to hunt a wild pig or something but then what would you do? You mainly want to eat the muscles of the animal but you can also save the liver and heart to eat for later. Cook what muscle you want to eat over the open fire and save the rest by smoking it. By doing this, you can preserve it for up to a week. Hang the meat above the fire to where only the smoke is reaching it. If somehow you end up on a snow covered island, you can also consider freezing the meat as well/

5. Avoid Sunburn
If you’re stuck on an island with a high UV index you must consider how you will protect your skin from the sun. This is where mud comes in handy. If the desert isn’t completely made of sand consider lathering up in some mud. It’s been a primitive form of sunblock for centuries now and is still used by natives around the world. Your going to be outdoors a lot we imagine and you’ll certainly realize how important it is to protect your skin. When the mud dries up, it’ll leave a barrier between your skin and the sun which you’ll be grateful for.

4. Natural Bug Repellent
It’s very possible that bugs will drive you absolutely insane if you’re trying to survive on a deserted island. In fact it’s possible the very reason the island is deserted in the first place, could certainly be because of bugs! So you definitely want to keep this in mind not only when you’re setting up your post but also when you’re exploring through the jungles or what not. The best way to keep bugs from getting into your shelter, is by setting up a fire that produces a lot of smoke. In order to do this, try out a variety of different material and see which one produces the most smoke. This will also hopefully create more of an obvious signal to pilots who come across it. So it’s just a good idea to try throwing different things into the fire every now and then.

3. Try Not to Stray to Far
We all know how it works. As soon as you leave a party, something wild happens that all your buddies talk about and you were the only one who missed it because you decided to leave too early! Well it could be like that if you stray too far from the campsite of your shelter. You probably can imagine that, as soon as you left the post, Hugh Hefner showed up to the island with his private jet, search helicopters, and bikini models to rescue you, but you weren’t there because you decided you were bored of the same spot. The more you move around, the better of a chance you have of getting lost, or injured. Once your camp is established only venture off a little bit in search of food or essential items

2. Try to Stay Sane
We understand that it could completely drive you insane but you gotta try to do your best to not completely lose it. Try to think of some things you did back in the day when you lived in an urban area that was fun and do your best to recreate it. If you like playing baseball, grab a tree limb, find an orange and take a swing, unless really need to eat that orange, than eat it. If you like dancing, dance to the rhythm of the ocean. Try to do something that will keep you from going completely mad and at least try to make the illusion that your just on extended vacation

Build a Raft
You might have spent weeks on the island and it’s starting to seem like no one will ever come to rescue you. You’re only chance to get off this island might be to build a raft and hope for the best. At this point, it could certainly be worth the risk and completely a sturdy raft should only begin when you start to have a steady food, water and fire source to help you. You can use some vines you come across as ropes and some extra logs that you have that aren’t too heavy to form the raft. Make you thoroughly test the raft out on shallow water you attempt to venture off into the deep blue seas!

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