20 Minute Bushcraft Shelter (REALITY CHALLENGE)

20 Minute Bushcraft Shelter (REALITY CHALLENGE)

I build a 20 minute Bushcraft Shelter with no tools. This is a new series I am doing called “Reality Challenge”. Where I try to complete bushcraft skills or survival tasks and make the challenge as real as possible, no fake edit cuts. In this episode, I build a shelter bushcraft style using dead sticks. The shelter I go for is an a-frame shelter, using a fallen silver birch tree as the ridgepole. I set the timer and continue building the structure with the camera recording non-stop. Using no tools, I scavenge for natural materials to build this simple primitive shelter. I use dead leaves to insulate the shelter and protect it from rainfall. Overall the bushcraft camp turns out pretty good. Watch on to see if I fail or succeed!

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Simon Alexander – Hollow wine grove


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