3 Day Camp in the Woods – Bushcraft Shelter, Dog, Wool Blanket (STORM FORCE WINDS)

3 Day Camp in the Woods - Bushcraft Shelter, Dog, Wool Blanket (STORM FORCE WINDS)

Join me on a 3 day camp in the woods with my friend Dustin and his dog. We build a bushcraft shelter using natural materials, sleep on tree leaves, deer hides and a wool blanket. Storm force winds threaten to destroy the bushcraft camp that we built but we secure it down and use a tarp to protect us from the storm wind and rain. Using bushcraft skills, we built our shelter out of tree saplings from the forest. Once we build the foundation of the shelter, we put a tarp over the top to protect it from the rain and keep the inside of the shelter dry. On Day 2, we really expand the camp, and build a fire reflector with axe and saw, as well as building a cooking setup with pot hangers for the cast iron oven and kettle. Dustin had prepared some tasty camping meals for the 3 days that we were there. On the first night we spit roast a whole chicken over the fire, the second night we grill a steak over the fire and cook vegetables hobo style in the ash. On the 3rd day, we had storm force winds over 40mph rip through the forest, thanksfully our bushcraft shelter was secured and lasted through the storm. It was an epic 3 days, a camping trip to remember for sure! Thanks for joining us on the adventure! – Mike

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Dustin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/bushcraftfires
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– Marinade: Paprika,Tandoori Spice, Oil, Lemon Juice, Red Onion, Pepper, Dried mixed herbs.
– Leave to cook over fire, rotate every 30 minutes. We rotated ours 3 times.
– Cook for 1hr30 minutes overall.

– Add chunks of Raclette cheese to cast iron pot
– Add freshly ground pepper
– Leave to melt over heat of fire for 45 minutes.
– Enjoy with fresh crunchy carrot and sweet pepper slices
– Add as a spread to wraps or fresh bread.

– Par boil potatoes
– Fry in oil
– Add chopped onion and chorizo
– Salt & Pepper
– Crack eggs on top and leave to cook

**STEAK (DAY 3)**
– Add freshly ground pepper
– Slow cook vegetables hobo style by the fire, rotating every 10-20 minutes.
– Once cooked, add coarse salt to steak and rub in garlic as a spread

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