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Huge Colorful Olight Sale

Click here for sale: 1.Flash sale date: 8:00 PM August 13th -11:59 PM August 17th EDT, UP to 45% OFF and at least 20% off site wide, Except X9R FREE Gift: i1R II Rechargeable […]

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Gruesome Video Of A School Shooting In Brazil

Please thank Lucky Gunner for bringing us today’s video of Gruesome Video Of A School Shooting In Brazil! Check them out at ; their FB page has good information and their YT channel […]

Survival Tips and Guides

The Future of America

Cashless society, rampant crime, automation, genetic engineering, surveillance, data mining but at the end of it all there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Gasmasks now in stock P3 virus filters […]

Survival Tips and Guides

Going Gear EDC Club July Aug 2020

Going Gear EDC Club is sent monthly to your door for $59.99 but the value far exceeds the price. Upgrade your EDC at (Affiliate Link) Big thanks to Going Gear. Exclusive Weekly Sensible Prepper […]

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SOLO BUSHCRAFT CAMP IN THE RAIN – New Backpack Giveaway- Catch and Cook – Open Shelter in Bug Season

#bushcraft #joerobinet #giveaway New Merch here! Forest Ruck Backpack HW Instagram for giveaway This is a solo bushcraft camp. I hike and paddle in to the wilderness, I set up camp just […]

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Four Robbers Caught By Police In Ohio

Please thank Magtech for bringing us today’s video of On Duty Officers Ambushed By Drug Cartel In Mexico! Check them out at; also, go drop a like on their FB page at ASP […]