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Apocalypse Movie Review: Greenland

#greenland #moviereview #survival In this video I review the movie Greenland, a story about one familys attempt to get to safety before a comet brings an extinction level event upon the planet earth. In my […]

Survival Tips and Guides

Don’t Be Played A Fool

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Survival Tips and Guides

Combating Self Defense Myths (John’s Briefs)

Please thank Firearms Legal Protection for sponsoring today’s video of Combating Self Defense Myths (John’s Briefs)! Firearms Legal Protection offers special discounts to ASP fans at ; I prefer and have their premium plan. […]

Woods Survival


marten deadfall trap . JJR SURVIVAL is a channel to show you how to make primitive traps / survival traps. TIPS / DONATE : My books available on Amazon : UK amazon page […]

Survival Tips and Guides

3 Useful ATV Modifications

This video shows a few useful mods that I made to my ATV recently and I thought I would share them with you. ATV Front Rack Basket: ATV Multi Hitch: ATV Receiver Hitch: […]

Survival Tips and Guides

RATS Tourniquet: The Bungee Cord of Failure

Please thank Lucky Gunner for bringing us today’s video of RATS Tourniquet: The Bungee Cord of Failure! Check them out at ; their FB page has good information and their YT channel has […]