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He Protects His Family From A Home Invasion

Please thank Magtech for bringing us today’s video of He Protects His Family From A Home Invasion! Check them out at; also, go drop a like on their FB page at Check out […]

Survival Tips and Guides

An update on the backyard project

Checkout These Reality Survival Discount Codes! Powertac USA (Use "REALITYSURVIVAL" for 30% off site wide!: EMP Shield (Use "realitysurvival" for $50 off each unit!): Armor Concepts (Use AFReality15 for 15% off!): 3V Tactical […]

Survival Tips and Guides

Gear Review: Throom Targets

Please thank Big Tex Ordnance for bringing us today’s video of Gear Review: Throom Targets! They have holsters, accessories, optics and other parts that you need as a self defender. I am one of his […]

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Looking for woodworking tools for your woodworking projects or carpenters tools fro your DIY projects .here is a complation of the best woodworking tools for beginners and professionals .Including brands such as woodpeckers precision woodworking […]

Survival Tips and Guides

Get One of These Before it Hits the Fan

#survival #prepping In todays video we go over every stringed and air propelled projectile tool known to man! Slingbow The Hammer Slingshot/ Slingbow COMBO (CHOOSE COLOR) SimpleShot Recurve (cheap) Recurve (Pro) SAS Recon […]