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Survival Tips and Guides

Solo Trip to The Cambria Icefield – Van Life Wilderness Adventures Canada

I attempt a self designed route to summit a peak on the Cambria Icefield. Merchandise: Summit Map:

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Survival at Sea

Solo Survival On Deadly Uninhabited Island (No Food, No Water, No Shelter)

I attempt to survive on an uninhabited Island with No Food No Water No Shelter Subscribe to Watch More Adventures! 🔥 Follow Wade – Follow Offshore Tales –… Buy GoPro Products – Redneck Survivalist

Survival Tips and Guides

Brian Refines His Zero!

Please thank POM Pepper Spray for bringing us today’s video of Brian Refines His Zero! Find them at and order your less lethal tool today. POM makes a great product and we are glad Redneck Survivalist

Survival Tips and Guides

HERE WE GO! NATO Moves Patriots to Border, Russia FULL MOBILIZATION or BUST, Belarus Deploys NUKES

AI Futurists warning CANADIAN PREPPERS SURVIVAL SUPERSTORE! Use discount code SURVIVALPREPPER for 10% off / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment GET EMERGENCY PRESCRIPTION MEDS AND ANTIBIOTICS (affiliate link) Home GET BODY ARMOR use coupon Redneck Survivalist

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Survival Hacks

Survival kit

The ultimate no nonsense survival kit!!! We used it, abused it and didn’t refuse it!!! Most of the items are made in America. #survivalkits