24 Hour Recycled BOX FORT CHALLENGE in the WOODS AT NIGHT! (Primitive Survival Fire)

Visit https://www.naturespath.com/en-us/envirokidz/ideas/ to share your ideas to save the environment! This is an ad for EnviroKidz.

On today’s episode of The Axel Show, Axel and his Daddy are doing a 24 hour box fort challenge in the woods at night! They build the Box fort while it is dark and the woods are just a little bit spooky. After completing the box fort they try to make fire the primitive way using a bow drill (friction fire). They end up using flint and steel because of the moisture in the air though. After getting a fire going they tell a spooky ghost story and then go to sleep in the box fort. They wake up the next morning to a hot cup of wild mint tea and a reminder of how wonderful it is to be out in nature.

A big thank you to EnviroKidz for partnering with us and sponsoring this video. EnviroKidz is an organic breakfast and snack foods brand within the Nature’s Path Foods family. They are on a mission to help save our natural environments and the animals that live in them (including us humans). They donate 1% of all sales of their products to this cause.

By making this video we hope to inspire kids to get out and immerse themselves in the natural environments that EnviroKidz is trying to protect. In doing this they can develop a love for nature that will allow them to understand just why we need to protect these habitats. We highly recommend EnviroKidz products over other similar brands because of their commitment to quality, simple, sustainable, organic and non-GMO ingredients.

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