24 Hours: Sleeping in Low Stealth Bushcraft Shelters | SEASON 1 (Complete Season)

24 Hours: Sleeping in Low Stealth Bushcraft Shelters | SEASON 1 (Complete Season)

The full season of 24 hours where I spend 24 hours, build a low stealth bushcraft shelter as fast as I can, get a fire going and survive off military mre rations for the 24 hour period. Each episode features a new type of bushcraft shelter, some from natural materials, others using man made materials such as trash bags. All done with simple gear, and minimal tools used: a bushcraft knife, bushcraft axe and a folding saw. This is a highlights episode of the 24 hours series. To watch each individual episode please look below. Thanks for watching.

Watch the individual episodes of 24 hours series with talking (plus extra episode!) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxnadpeGdTxCzmq4XYqDs9mkHKzLhL4sE

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