Accidents may happen everywhere and even at home that’s why you need to know how to survive if you are caught in an unexpected situation. Today we share hacks that everybody should know! We have a lot of lifehacks for extreme situations and tons of survival tips:
– Splinters are painful and usually difficult to remove. Take a glass and put inside burning match after that cover the splinter with glass
– Cure minor cuts using an egg! Check out the video
– If you are having a toothache, mix cloves and olive oil, and apply using a cotton pad
– A migraine? Pour water into the bowl and put ice cubes. After that put your hands inside for a couple of minutes
– Acne is an annoying problem but we have a perfect solution. Take a band-aid and put first aid antibiotic ointment on it and apply on every a pimple. Repeat this procedure regularly
– Stick the sanitary pads to your t-shirt to avoid sweat stains
– Did you know that parsley is used to treat bruises? Next time you bump into something, crush up parsley leaves and apply to the painful area. It is thought to reduce bruising and swelling.
– Shoes tend to be smell bad, especially in hot summer. Use vodka to get rid of the unpleasant odor.
– Watch our video on how to remove ketchup from clothing with the help of salt, starch and lemon juice
– Need to escape but your hands tighten up? Watch our video and you see how you can open the handcuffs using zip ties
– Cover matches with nail polish to make them waterproof
– Find out how to light a fire using a battery, steel wool, and cotton wool
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00:29 How to remove a splinter
01:13 Easy way to fix a bra
01:30 How to cure a toothache
09:43 How to survive in an extreme situation
12:08 Camping hacks
12:56 Waterproof matches

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