We love big cities for the comfort and convenience because you don’t need to survive or struggle for life, you just get what you need and feel satisfied. However, the modern metropolis can be a really dangerous place.
No matter where you live accidents could happen everywhere and even in the big city, we could be caught in the unexpected situation. Or you will need to solve some survival problem without using your phone or the internet. Sounds scary?
Survival hacks and skills are essential for anyone who lives in the city or in wildness. It doesn’t matter what the situation is there are always at least one or two survival hack and skills you need to now. Using what you have, to get what you need is the key to successful survival scenario. Of course, sometimes you need to improvise, but still, you need to know the main surviving tips.
So what are the most useful survival hacks and skills that you need to know? We have a collection of uncommon solutions to common and uncommon problems.
After watching this video, you will know what to do if you’ve lost the key but need to easily open the lock.
Urban disasters may have various shapes, for example, the dangerous dust in the air you may use woman bra as a mask.
A migraine? We will show how to bear with it without using medicine and how apple cider will help you to cure bruises.
Need to escape but your hands are tighten up? Watch our video and you see how you can open the handcuffs unexpected things.
Also, in our video, we have a lot of lifehacks for extreme situations and tons of survival tips such as how to make water filter in the wilderness using sand, stones, and charcoal, how to boil water or even how to light a fire using AA battery, foil, and toothpaste. Pay your attention to medical lifehacks that are helpful not only in the countryside but also in the big city.

00:23 Woman bra hacks
01:08 Wet matches
02:16 First aid ideas
03:23 Escape lifehacks
04:58 DIY Water filter

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