These survival tips may literally safe your life one day. Especially if you’re a nature lover, often go hiking, climbing and spend much time outdoors or into the wild.

I’ll show you how to make a fire using your phone’s battery, escape from crocodiles using zigzag movements, use super glue on a wound, drink snow if you’re thirsty, not to pour water on a burning frying pan, what to do if you have deep wound or caught up in a rip current.

Also remember the rule of three, you can last:

3 minutes without air
3 days without water
3 weeks without food

Do you know how to find water in the dessert?

Plants and insects live closer to water. There’s water in stems and roots of the plants. Look at the sky. Are the birds flying in one direction? It means there’s water there! Look for hollows, canyons and caves at the base of mountains. Moist earth, plants and dry riverbeds are signs of water under the ground. Dig a hole, water will gather there.

I’ll also share with you tips how to survive during a hurricane, behave in a storm, find water in a desert, survive the fall of in an elevator, act when you’re attacked by dog, escape from a sinking car and what to do if you fell under the ice.

Stay safe and sound!


0:20 How to survive in an emergency situation
1:52 First aid into the wild
4:05 How to cure burns
6:06 How to tie a knot quickly
9:49 What to do when a dog attacks you

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