36 Wild Edibles & Medicinal Plants In 15 Minutes

In this video we go through thirty six wild edibles and medicinal plants in fifteen minutes. There a lot of different plants to learn and you never know what wild edibles or medicinal plants will be around the corner. Plants like Garlic Mustard, Chickweed, Boneset, Trilliums, Violets, Black Eyed Susan, Wild Carrot, and many more can be found easily. We will cover some of the uses of the edible plants and medicinal plants as well a talk a bit about their habitat and what they look like. Sometimes there are areas where the are plants that are both edible and medicinal so it’s important to learn as many as you can so you don’t pass anything up while foraging in the wild.

Plants like the large Trillium are uncommon and should generally be left alone, where as plants like the Black Eyed Susan are regularly found in gardens and parks. The uses of these plants an range from inflammation, pain, poison ivy, salads, teas, cooked greens and more. In a place you might find wild edibles like the violet you might also find the stinging nettle or wood nettle. Then some spice bush twigs could be gathered for tea. The diversity of wild edibles and medicinal plants is truly show in this fifteen minute video.

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