4 Day 4 Night Primitive Survival Challenge. Debris Shelter. Raised Bed. Venison Jerky. Foraging.

In this video, I am in Wiltshire with Wilderness Survival Skills, taking part in the Hunter Gatherer Challenge, a four day, four night solo primitive survival challenge using very limited kit. Armed with just a belt knife, a folding saw, a billy can, 3 metres of paracord and a few essential emergency items, I head off into the forest to build a shelter and bed, make fire by friction, forage for food, make a primitive hunting bow (including a knapped flint arrow head) and live as comfortably as I can using the natural materials found around me.

This is part one of the challenge, covering the first two days. Part two will continue shortly.
The kit and clothing taken on the challenge will be covered in an upcoming video.

I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!


Wilderness survival Skills (Joe O’Leary)



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