4 Dogs and 4 Guys Build a Longhouse Using Hand Tools and Natural Materials | Bushcraft

4 Dogs and 4 Guys Build a Longhouse Using Hand Tools and Natural Materials | Bushcraft

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We return to the Native American longhouse with our four dogs, not sure whether the bark we harvested from dying ash trees earlier this summer will be still useable, not dried out and cracked and whether or not we collected enough to complete the primitive bushcraft shelter using hand tools and natural materials.
The dogs continue to work out the hierarchy, Cali my Golden Retriever protecting her home territory from Bella, Buck and Finn, dog’s belonging to Ted Baird, Jim Baird and Doug Linker.
We are rained out for half a day and we spend that time cooking ribs in the forest kitchen and we end the day with hot chicken wings, fries and a bear roast for dinner cooked on the campfire.

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