5 Best States for Preppers and Survivalists with 2 Bonus States

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How do you pick a place to prep to? How do you pick a place for your survivalist retreat? You are going to be a prepper a survivalist an off gridder. You are wanting to be prepared for whatever might happen. Or you just want a place you can spend time away from the hectic busy word to decompress. How do you pick a state? What criteria should you be thinking about? What factors should you be looking at when you pick a state?

Self-Sufficient Moving to the Country
What do you need to know to move to the country? These videos explain things step-by-step.

Live happy fun loving and carefree.

What do you look at when you are picking a place? Call it what you want bugging out or being a prepper or being a survivalist or even being an off gridder. You are looking for a place for you and your family to get away from things for whatever reason.

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