Some of the most important tips to keep you alive in Tarkov. This is a great beginner guide if you’re looking to get into Escape from Tarkov, but will also serve as a bit of guidance, or refresher, for the more experienced/intermediate players looking to take things to the next level. In this video I cover 5 main topics which I think are the cause of a lot peoples deaths in game, these are as followed;

Learning which meds to pickup and how to use them properly, meds are a vital part of survival in Tarkov, and knowing which to use at the right time can be important in your survival. Its even more important to know which ones to bring into raid to begin with, I will share a few tips which should help the newer players learn meds in a much simpler fashion.
Using cover to protect yourself as you path around the map. There are a lot techniques to pathing which can easily prevent you dying, when you need to get to a certain location on the map, you should think about your pathing beforehand, pick a safe route which allows you to duck into cover and easily block line of site if you need to.
I how you can use sound to your advantage, experience is everything in Tarkov and the more you roam in a certain area the better you understand the sounds in that environment. You don’t always need to see the enemy to know exactly where they are, sound can help you pin point people safely.
Playing aggressively with confidence can gain you better results than sitting and playing slow, I discuss my experiences with being scared to make a sound and how I wished I started playing with a bit more confidence early on.
Finally grenades, these are a must! Grenades can be used to clear out buildings and bait footsteps, they can also be used to cover off a certain area whilst you push. Grenades are OP in this game, the soon you start to use them, the better.

This guide is part of a series of videos on my channel which are targeted towards helping newer players find their way with the game.

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