50 Items For Your Survival Kit and Bug Out Bag

50 Items For Your Survival Kit and Bug Out Bag

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We are living in precarious times and everyone should have an emergency back pack. This is my current bug out bag setup. Check my other bug out bag related content ones you have your pack set up.

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Here is a gear list Use discount code PREPPINGGEAR for 10% off

Backpack (Markhor 45- Vanquest)
Vanquest- MARKHOR-45 Backpack (CHOOSE COLOR)


Pressurized water bladder and water filters

Toilet paper tablets

Nalgene Stainless Steel Bottle
Nalgene Stainless Steel Bottle

NORTENT Helleren Ultralight Tarp

Wool Blanket
Wool Blanket (90%) Military Grade

Survival Lilly APO-1S
NEW! APO-1S SURVIVAL LILLY Knife Stainless Steel (AUS8) Satin Finish (IN STOCK!)

Fire Kit
NEW! PROCAMPTEK – Ultimate Fire Tinder

Radio Baofeng
Baofeng CH-6DMR Dual Band Amateur radio <5 Watt Dm-1706 LITHIUM

Silky Zubat 390
Silky Zubat 390mm (LG Teeth) Saw

Freeze Dried Food

Med supplies
Medical Supplies