Essential survival hacks

In this video compilation, we are sharing with you some of the most basic and important survival hacks that will change your life. We show you how to make the best of every situation you are in when you don’t have the necessary tools to do them. For example, making your own water filter using a bandage, or making a candle just by using some oil, or how to cook dinner outside using just a tin, wood and fire.

1. How to break out of handcuffs
We’ve seen it in movies, how most people put bobby pins in to pick the lock of their handcuffs. But what we’ve seen in movies is completely wrong. Here is what you need to do in this situation. If you are wearing a barrette pin on your hair, remove and try to break the top of it. Then break the back and side of it until you are left with one of the metal stripes. Then place it in that compartment where the handcuffs close (not where they lock) the slowly pull it up and you will see that it will get lose and finally you’ll be released.

2. How to cut shoelaces without using your hands.
If you are in a situation where you need to cut your shoelaces or thin robes and you have no scissors on knives to do it, here is what you can do. Take your shoelaces and step on them, this will keep them steady. Then take one of the sides and bring it underneath in-between your feet. Then, hold each side of the shoelace and start swinging it back an forth by applying pressure against the lace underneath and Voila

3. How to make dirty water drinkable:
This trick is ideas in extreme cases where you are in a situation where there is no clean water available for you to drink. Take a plastic water and cut it in half. Attach some bandage on the neck of the bottle and flip it upside down into your drinking cup. Then, Add some charcoal in the bottle, then sand, stones some more sand and again on top more stones. Take the dirty water and pour it into the bottle to filter it and voila.

4. How to start a fire using a battery:
Did you go camping but lost your lighter and matches but you still need to find a way to start a fire for the night? Then this tip is a lifesaver. Take any battery you have available (for example your torch) and take a piece of kitchen foil. Then, place the end of the foil on the top of the battery and the other part at the bottom of the battery. Then, you will see that the battery will set the foil on fire.

5. DIY Candlelight:
Are you in the mood to light a candle but you don’t have any around? Try this camping hack that you will fall in love with. Take a metal tin, and fill it halfway with oil. Then seal it on top using kitchen foil and pierce a tiny hole in the middle of the foil. Then take some string and run it through the whole. Then light it, you’ll see that this little trick will have your artificial candle lit for hours.

6. Camping trick for shampoos, creams, and conditioners.
Instead of carrying a huge shampoo bottle with you alongside your creams and conditioners try this little hack on how to make your own traveling samples for all of your cosmetic liquid products. Take a straw and it in small sizes. Then using a bobby pin attach it at one end of the straw and using a lighter melt that ends to seal it. Fill the straw with your shampoo and repeat the same process with the bobby pin on that side as well.

7. How to remove a splinter
Splinters can be very painful but above all irritating, because they can be difficult to locate and pull them out of your skin. Here is a little trick you can do to remove a painful splinter from your arm. Fill a tiny glass bottle with hot water. Then press your hand on it ( from the side of the splinter) and then lift your hand. This will cause a suction effect and it will essentially pull the splinter out of your hand.
0:13 – How to escape from handcuffs
1:09 – How to cut strings with your hands
1:37 – How to pick a lock
2:17 – DIY Water filter
2:51 – DIY mini oven
3:29 – How to start a fire using a battery
4:37 – DIY candle
5:01 – DIY bio toilet
8:11 – How to remove a splinter
9:12 – Waterproof matches
11:39 – How to open a tin with your hands
13:27 – SOS signal
13:45 – Awesome knot hacks
17:31 – Prison hacks
18:19 – How to make your own foundation

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