72h Tropical Island Survival – Day 1 | Only a Knife, a Flint And a Machete

This is the footage from our Survival adventure on a Deserted Tropical Island off the coast of Malaysia between Malaysia and Thailand.

We paid a man with a boat about 20 bucks to take us to a deserted island where we wouldn’t run into other tourists so that we would be able to make this adventure as real as possible. We also promised him 20 bucks to pick us up and that he would get it on his return.

We went out to this island with nothing but a knife, a flint and a machete.
We also had 2 backpacks with us containing:
– Medical equipment (Antibiotics etc)
– Emergency phone
– and Camera equipment

We survived on the island for 4 days and 3 nights and lived on what the island had to offer. We caught and gathered our own food which included Crabs, Leafs, Roots and Fish. We hiked for two hours to collect water once a day over a mountain and then down to a lake. We built our own shelter and made an awesome living area for ourselves. We made our own fishing rods, a prawn cage, a fishing spear, water-carrying equipment and much more!

Day 1: The Waterrun – https://youtu.be/hEx5NoANM6E
Day 2: The Shelter – https://youtu.be/OPI-D6vPFVg
Day 3: The “Hunt” for Vegetation – https://youtu.be/-HNyWjpvhWM
Day 4: The first BIG meal – https://youtu.be/JJDBZLTjmCM

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We are new to filming and editing so these episodes won’t show you everything we did, we missed a lot of the experiences from this island because we were too late with the camera and we had only one GoPro Hero 5 with us which meant that we could only film in one place at the time.

Things that we experienced and were not captured on camera were:
– A lot of snakes (including one attempt to kill a rattlesnake, although the snake won and I had to take a few steps back when he was about to attack.
– We saw a boar, which fled the scene quite fast after we jumped off the boat and made a lot of noise.
– Loads of lizards and other small animals
– When I found and had to swim out with the fishing cage in the middle of the night.
– And some other things that would have been great to have in these episodes.
But you live and learn, hopefully, we will get better and better with each video!


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