A Cabin in the Woods, Roof, Windows | Building an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone in the Wilderness, Ep22

A Cabin in the Woods,  Roof, Windows | Building an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone in the Wilderness, Ep22

It’s really starting to feel like home now that the roof is watertight, the front windows are in and the front gable is closed in. After completing the roof boards and membrane on the east side of the log cabin, I install diagonal boards to the gable end over the front porch. I’m not convinced that this is the final look for the gables but I’ll wait until I finish the log features holding up the porch overhang before making that decision. For efficiency, I am spending more time on this cabin sealing air gaps and insulating the walls and roof – 6" in the gables and 10" on the roof.
I layout the stone floor under the woodstove using sawn granite from a local quarry. It’s not as rustic as random stone but I think it will look great once I finish the wood floor around it and apply split stone to the wall behind the stove.
A bat who has been living in the front wall chirps its disapproval as I encourage it to find alternate living arrangements, which will probably be the outhouse. Now that it’s September and winter is coming, I need to seal up the rest of the exterior, including the rear gable, the windows and the doors, before other wildlife decide to make the cabin their winter home.
I grill the last of the bear meat from last year on the open fire as I prepare my gear for the opening of goose season. Food is abundant at this time of year, including game, mushrooms, berries and all of the produce from the garden. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be digging up the root vegetables to store in the cellar, hunting and finishing the exterior of the cabin so September is going to be a very busy month!
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