A Survival Kit That’s Actually Useful!!

A survival kit shouldn’t be something you only use in a survival situation, it should be something you have and use but keep toped up and in a place that when you’re likely to be in a survival situation you have it or most of it with you.

It shouldn’t be expensive, it should be too small or big, it should be a gimmick. So this video shows you what I think it should be.

• Stainless steel pot & lid 750ml
• Whistle
• Fire Tinder
• Candle
• Storm matches
• Fresnel Magnifying Lens or Magnifying glass
• Lighter
• Gorilla Tape
• Wire Saw
• Flint Striker
• Folding knife
• No 36 bank line, as much as possible
• Orange industrial bin bag
• Mylar blanket
• Fishing kit that can be used in the environment you are likely to be
• Sail needle
• Safety pins
• X3 button composes, or better yet a dedicated one to hand
• Cotton bandana
• Signal mirror

Optional extras:
 LED Flashlight
 Water purification tablets
 Magnesium block
 Potassium permanganate
 Food bar
 Snare wire

Wire Saw Here:
A good 750ml cup here:
Fire Tinder
Mini Infernos Brand:
Make your own with link: