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Suffice it to say, we are all in this “thing” together. Nobody cares about YOU or YOUR family like you do. It is our individual responsibility to prepare for any eventuality. I remember my grandparents stocking up on stuff.. canned food especially! They came out of the “great” depression. What was so great about it is anybody’s guess. However, valuable lessons were learned that stayed with them their whole life.

We can do well to learn from all that the senior generation experienced. Thing is, as time marches on, the useful survival lessons of the past also fade into memory. Today, there is a movement on with very strong momentum.. to relearn the valuable knowledge that our forebears accumulated through hard work, trial, and error. Educating yourself now is certainly more intelligent than waiting until the SHTF. People can say what they will.. Personally I don’t give a damn. This dirtball we find ourselves bound to by the relentless force of gravity is inherently unstable on many levels.

It’s your choice. You are here because your eyes may be open to a degree. Decouple your attention from the daily fray and 24/7 ‘news’ cycle. Bottom line IMO: Human nature has not changed since the dawn of our time. When, NOT IF the SHTF, you are going to want to be prepared. To what extent is your choice. At minimum, stock up potable water to last you a week for drinking. Get yourself a REAL, DECENT water filter. I’m talking about a filter sufficient to clean up pond, lake or river/stream water. IE: A Big Berkey or similar with the black filter elements. There are similar alt brands. GET ONE!

Additionally, get yourself some canned foods piled up too. Stockpiling dry goods, properly stored, is also a smart move. Many Preppers strongly suggest grabbing lots of salt, pepper and other spices that you like. You know what to do. Do it!

In closing, here you will find survivalist information on many subjects. This site is updated daily! Make sure you check back often. I am glad you are here! Enjoy yourself and learn, prepare and sleep easier tonight.. knowing you are taking real positive action to safeguard your life in these crazy times!

Think. Plan. Prepare.

My Best To You Always!

a.k.a. mrwonderful

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