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This is your invitation to bookmark this site and check out the BIG list of sites I run just below! You are *appreciated* here. Why? Because I’m just aware enough to KNOW that in the end, we are all in the SAME BOAT TOGETHER. Pretty novel realization, huh? All the blather below may seem a bit “wordy” but rest assured, Your Host (Yo!), can be slightly to highly entertaining (AT TIMES!) Yeh! You might have to BOOKMARK this damn page and come back to it later. The pot of coffee reached my fingertips just now and they just kept tickling the damn keyboard. SORRY! It happens! 😉

Same Boat?
Yet, most times, we sure do not act like we’re in the SAME BOAT! Only WE can change our perspective and take action. Ultimately, The Boyz and Girlz at the ‘top’ don’t give a RAT’S ASS about you. Are you really still surprised? Did any of them build YOU an Uberbunker or any other type of bunker recently? ..Thought so! I guarantee you most of ‘them’ have a place to run to and YOU paid for it one way or another! IE: It was taken out of your ass.

[Ok, I am over the gremlins in the wire that ATE this ‘About’ Page a month or two ago! How’d I do? Yea, getting pissed off these days is on level with a felony crime in some far-correct corner. Not here. Gets to a point where you don’t really give a shit what ‘people’ think, is this not the case? People of conscience ARISE and quit eating shit sandwiches! Stand up to the skulduggery and malfeasance all around you (and ME) and you’ll enjoy a feeling of liberation.]

Caution: Be ALERT!
Exercise caution though.. many MoFos are ready to snap at the drop of a hat. Be prepared. Unfortunately, where I am sitting right now, gun ownership is reserved mostly for the criminal class. Not good. Unemployment is at or above 20% but we all know who crunches those numbers: High level bullshit artists, that’s who. Yeah,, here in this 3rd world shithole (some call it a 2.5 world shithole), the news is akin to an endless loop recording like we had on cassette answering machines 35 years ago 😉 Goal?.. Keep everyone in a trance of hypnotic horse shittery.

Observe the ‘trance fazed’ zombie class all around you. Seems likely that this is the “dumb ’em down REAL good” program at work, Comrade! Beat the feeble minded proletariat into submission using an endlessly looping nonsense-a-thon and they will often give up trying to discern the truth. “Information overload” is what it is referred to. Bad ‘information’ is what it mostly is and it can fatigue that organ between our ears. Pretty soon (if not already), you will be surrounded by what I sometimes call ‘the parrot-lemming class’. ‘They’ are to be found almost everywhere I would imagine..

Watch: They’re forever squawking, squeaking, chirping and always repeating the same loop of preprogrammed bullshit that drools straight out of their forever flapping pie holes (mouths). HA!.. How’d I do? 😉 Mine was flapping pretty good there just now, wasn’t it?! Yeah, and does any of this jawboning make even a modicum of logical sense to you? Let me know or not. I listen! My powers of observance have been honed over decades of careful use and misuse as well! Sometimes ‘my’ take is actually respected! Often times, the recognition and appreciation for a sharp mind comes years after a barrage of brilliant blather is blurted! WOW! I think that was an actual alliteration! Click HERE to Find Out For Sure! Hey, I have to have a few laughs just like you. Laughter helps keep the dark clouds of the mind at bay!

Technology is GREAT until…
Technology, meh. Digital cash? POOF.. then UT OH!! The lights frequently go out here.. Usually when it’s either: Light out, dark out, raining, the skies are clear, the skies are dark or when it’s windy or even when it is not.. BUT, quite often, some drunken asshole takes out a few power poles on his way to the whorehouse and/OR beer store. Hey, this is LIVING, BRO! LOL! Yea, papaya for sale. Prostitution is legal here as in many ‘developing’ countries. So come on down and decompress. Sex is not codified a thousand ways to the courthouse. The sex business is actually a low-tech operation unaffected by brownouts/blackouts or bad Internet service! Hmmm.. (LIGHTBULBS lighting up anyone? HAHA!) Sorry. This is just business!

What’s this? I’ve given away the age group I sit in now.. (cassette tape talk above-heh). I am almost old school now. Whatever. The ‘news’ cycle reports the same shit all over and over these days: No jingle for the proletariat and all the fat lazy former and current “officials” and “lawmakers” chat with their boyfriends on the latest iPhones or Samsung “EDGE” (ohhhhh- LOL) rig with the auto-blow me feature.

Did a dude known as “King Solomon” actually live? Who cares? There IS NOTHING NEW under THIS SUN! Think about it. Yet, the seeking out of ‘truth’ seems to carry on into perpetuity! Why? Why?.. because very few of us seem to “SNAP OUT OF IT”.. that’s why. Ignorance can build its own comfort zone around ITSELF too! Have you seen this happen to yourself or another? I have..

My apologies for the segue..! I swear sometimes I don’t know WTF goes on with all this “modern” technology bull$@!t! Believe me, it has its own built in Achilles Heel. Look it up. I almost have to laugh at the purveyors of the newest digital demagoguery. Yea, more 1’s and 0’s are gonna save your ass when the heat’s really on. Sure… right.. RIGHT!

I know it sounds “out there” but getting back to the basics to a degree can be very edifying. You read about people with a dream shit canning their corporate shackles and buying a farm, business or sometimes a hunting camp. If you have any of these designs in mind I encourage you to follow your intuition. Good land with good water really can be quite priceless.

You’ve hanging with me for a few mintues now! Did I just hear a Giant GASP?! Sorry ;). Thank You! Almost done!

In The End.. The Typist Tires!
Suffice it to say, we are all in this “thing” together. Nobody cares about YOU or YOUR family like you do. It is our individual responsibility to prepare for any eventuality. I remember my grandparents stocking up on stuff.. canned food especially! They came out of the “great” depression. What was so great about it is anybody’s guess. However, valuable lessons were learned that stayed with them for a lifetime.

We can do well to learn from all that the senior generation experienced. Thing is, as time marches on, the useful survival lessons of the past also fade into memory. Today, there is a movement on with very strong momentum.. to relearn the valuable knowledge that our forebears accumulated through hard work, trial, and error. Educating yourself now is certainly more intelligent than waiting until the SHTF to ‘get smart’. People can say what they will.. Personally I don’t give a damn. This planet we find ourselves bound to by the relentless force of gravity is inherently unstable on many levels.

It’s your choice. You are here because your eyes may be open to a degree. Decouple your attention from the daily fray and 24/7 ‘news’ cycle. Bottom line IMO: Human nature has not changed since the dawn of our time. When, NOT IF the SHTF, you are going to want to be prepared. To what extent is your choice. At minimum, stock up potable water to last you a week for drinking. Get yourself a REAL, DECENT water filter. I’m talking about a filter sufficient to clean up pond, lake or river/stream water.

IE: A Big Berkey or similar with the black filter elements. There are similar alt brands. GET ONE HERE!

Additionally, get yourself some canned foods piled up. Stockpiling dry goods, properly stored, is also a smart move. Many Survivalists strongly suggest grabbing lots of salt, pepper and other spices that you like. You know what to do. Do it! Remember to store sanitary necessities too: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, feminine products, deodorant, BAKING SODA (many, many uses!), good footwear and comfortable clothing suitable to your climate zone. Nice boots with Gore-Tex linings can be a lifesaver!

I prefer the “Asolo” brand out of Eastern Europe. You can get them on sale frequently. Click HERE!

In closing, here you will find Survivalist information on many subjects. This site is updated daily! Make sure you check back often. I am glad you are here! Enjoy yourself and learn, prepare and sleep easier tonight.. knowing you are taking real positive action to safeguard your life in these crazy times!

Think. Plan. Prepare.

My Best To You Always!

a.k.a. mrwonderful

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A Dating site? A Retirement site? Another 420 site? Hemp! Yeah, that’s it..! Hemp & 420 products are proving to be very, very beneficial to tons of people who may be ‘untreatable’ with ‘modern’ pharmacology or who are choosing a more natural approach to health!

Plus ++ more on the way!

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