Amazon $25 Survival Kit Review. The LC-Dolita 17 in 1 Survival Kit. Is it any good?

I purchased this survival kit off Amazon for only $25. It had an overall 4.5 star rating with most rating being 4 or 5 stars. I wanted to see if you could buy a cheap Chineese kit like this and have it actually be useable. Or, if the overall kit wasnt practical, were some of the components atleast quality enough to get you started while you save for something better. Check it out and see how I modified it to be more practical!
Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!


Items featured in this video:
17 in 1 Survival kit:

What I would suggest adding:
Kevlar Cord:
Aquatabs Water Purification Tabs:
Water Bags:
12 Fresnel Lens:
UST StarFlash Signal Mirror:

Other great items featured in my past videos:
Rite In The Rain Notepad:
Kleen Canteen 27oz. Stainless Water Bottle:
Sawyer Mini Water Filter:
Mora Craftline Basic 511 Knife:

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