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Hi folks, it’s been a while….. first of all, lets get all the baldy jokes over with…… So, I’ve been making a lot of things recently and i decided to take them all out for a whirl in the woods by a stream. It’s a very tranquil location I feel lucky to have found so close to home during the lock down.

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Filming/Editing Equipment:
Canon EOS M3
Rode VideoMicro Mic
Edited on Corel Video Studio X9

Below, I’ve listed the base items I usually take with me on wildcamping trips. If there’s any other equipment you see me using that I haven’t listed here, please feel free to ask in the comments. Cheers.

Wisport Reindeer 55L Rucksack:

Snugpak Softie Expansion 4 Sleeping Bag:

Inflatable Sleeping Pad:

British Army Olive Green Goretex Bivi Bag:
(Ebay Search, £30-£35 is reasonable for Grade 1 Issued)

DD 3m x 3m Tarp:

1L Stainless Steel Canteen:

Titanium Mug 750ml:

Titanium Spork:

Zebra Billy Pots (I use 12cm & 14cm):

GSI Pinnacle Frying Pan:

Ti Plate:

Small Steak Grill:

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe:


Folding Saw:

Knives (I own various knives, mass produced and custom made):
Guy Stainthorp Knives (Custom Maker) –
Adrain Etheridge Knives (Custom Maker) –
Brisa Knives –

Field Sharpening Stone (Ruby Sharpening Stone):

Ferrocerium Rod (I put my own handle on these and sell them):

Tatonka Stainless Steel Alcohol Stove:

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