Are You a Prepper in Denial? A Bird in Your Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

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This channel is about prepping, self-defense, and how to stay out of jail should you have to defend yourself.
I am a 20-year police veteran and a staunch supporter of the rights of the people and the US Constitution.
I am also a police academy certified instructor in many topics; but I specialize in firearms and Use of Force law.

*Special Notes:
I am NOT an attorney, so nothing in my videos should be misconstrued as legal advice. This content is not intended to provide any legal guidance or advice.
Also, the Use of Force and the Use of Deadly Force should always be a LAST RESORT and never just a convenient option. It is also YOUR responsibility to know your state’s laws on self-defense.
I am also an affiliate with several survival & self-defense related companies. Many links will be affiliate links.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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