Attacks Three most effective methods | Self Defence

Attacks Three most effective methods | Self Defence

Attacks Three most effective methods | Self Defence
Wing Chun is an effective and efficient martial art system. It doesn’t require a lot of strength or movement to be effective. In addition, it is based on the economy of motion and angle placement. As part of this program, you will learn the basic form, Siu Lim Tao, in which you will practice your stance, structure, and basic blocks, strikes, kick, and attacks. Having the right mindset and discipline is key to being combat-effective; you must have the right attitude and focus. A training manual is provided in this program to help you track your progress toward reaching your goals.

This program is convenient because it is available online. Access to the course is open 24/7 from anywhere. In addition, students can get the training they desire from the comfort of their own homes with Master Wong’s program. If you enjoy Master Wong’s YouTube videos, you can start training with him immediately!

Are you interested in learning Wing Chun for fitness and self-defense?

With over 35 years of experience, Master Wong is the right teacher for you. The best thing about this course is that it allows you to train at your own pace.

Each week, we focus on eight CORE elements.
✅ The hand
✅ The knees
✅ The fitness
✅ The kick
✅ The elbow
✅ The punch
✅ Exercises for the legs
✅ Drill to prepare you for combat

Would you like to learn Wing Chun for fitness and self-defense? Master Wong is an experienced instructor with more than 35 years of practical knowledge.
Are you ready to start? Yes, I was born-ready!
Now let’s get started!
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PS. You can watch and learn from my YouTube channel if you’re not yet ready to begin your Wing Chun, Tai Chi, or self-defense journey.