Survival Tips and Guides

I Made A Big Mistake…

I made a significant mistake in my last video and need to take responsibility for it. Get a home freeze dryer here The best tasting freeze dried food FOOD Get XMREs here XMRE Meals […]

Survival Tips and Guides

Winter Survival Vehicle Gear – 2022

OnScene Alerts Global Intelligence Briefings Discount Link: Checkout These Reality Survival Discount Codes! EMP Shield (Use "realitysurvival" for $50 off each unit!): Armor Concepts (Use afReality15 for 15% off!): 3V Tactical Gear […]

Tropical Survival

The Survival Skill of Making Fire in the Rain

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Woods Survival

Argo part 2

Merchandise here : in this video we diagnosed and found out what was very wrong with the argo. the argo needs to be 100 percent reliable in the woods , and a engine failure […]

Survival Hacks


10 WOODWORKING TOOLS YOU NEED TO SEE 2021 links:1.WOODPECKERS PRECISION WOODWORKING TOOLS: 2.BESSEY Edging clamp Kantenfix KF PT: 3.Drill Locator Tool 10hole Woodworking Punching Locator Limit Fixture Device Durable Woodworking 3-12mm Drill Bit Limit Ring […]