Best All-Around Survival Shelter: Debris Hut (Full-Length Version)

The debris hut is probably the simplest and easiest-to-build shelters you can do to keep yourself out of the weather. At its most basic, it does not need to have a front. It only serves to fit your body and keep you out of the rain, heat or wind depending on what your primary challenge is in the situation you are in.

No matter what, even a simple project like this will be labor intensive. You best allocate your time and energy to it wisely, but also keep in mind that you can go without food and even water for some time but hypothermia will kill you in a matter of hours. Shelter is the number one priority when it comes to the so-called “Sacred Order” and it is that way for a reason.

The shelter featured in this video is dubbed a “cold-weather” debris hut. It has a front, a well-insulated bottom (very important) and a doorway that can be easily plugged.

The doorway itself is unique to the way I do these. At least, I have no knowledge of anyone else mentioning this anywhere. The grill that is fashioned by placing the vertical pieces in the opening is a very simple and effective way to keep a door plug of basic debris in place. You can have the biggest and best built debris hut, but if you can’t plug the door effectively all your efforts will have been in vain in really cold weather.

You can also tell that I picked the location for the hut with easy debris collection in mind. It is so much easier to collect debris when you get keep going downhill. Full disclosure, the hut could have used more debris. I was told that the thickness of the walls should be at least one arm length deep.

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