Best “Gray Man” Bugout Bags for Two (and why they include SCUBA gear ?!!)

In this video, I’ll detail the two-pack “gray man” system my wife and I will rely on should we have to abandon our home and run. In keeping with my commitment to you, I do a lot of homework and plan these projects carefully, so you have the best-possible starting point for your own projects. If I’ve done my job, the video will both validate and refute some of your beliefs, and perhaps present new ideas you’ve never considered.

Gray Man Bag Item List (partial)

First Aid Kit video:

The Best Get-Home Bag and It’s Under 10lb! (4.5kg):

“Cost is No Object” Tactical Bug Out Bag:

DIY Off-Grid Solar Generator:
Off-Grid Solar Generator Design Guide:

Glo-Toob Dive light

PoachPod Dog Bowl. (Egg Poacher)

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