Build a Simple Wooden Shelter In The Forest

primitive technology: Build a Beautiful Shelter in the Forest by Primitive Jungle

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This video is shows how to make sandals from natural materials he found in the forest. The soles are made from a type of flexible cane found in his home country of Cambodian.

There are a number of reasons for build shelters when you arrive at a forest . You will also need to keep yourself dry and protected safely in the forest, if built correctly your shelter could also protect your fire area, allowing you to keep warm as well as dry.

When you are in the forest you can build shelters without modern materials and this can be a great fun activity for both adults and children alike. They come in all sorts of designs and need to be adapted to the areas and materials around you. Full guild of shelters built in the video.

what materials found in the forest he using is : Bamboo, Vine, woods…

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