Build Alfresco Shelter with Long log fire | Bushcraft overnight trip alone | Survival skills | ASMR

In my bushcraft trip today, I came to a lowland deep forest, built a natural shelter with an open door, and spent the night by a long-burning log fire; I practiced my new survival skills in the wild woods: I found and sawed a dry, freshly blown tree into large logs for a fire, which I lit with a pocket flint and which smoldered all night, warming me in a shelter …

I cooked a fresh salad with fried shrimp, drank a can of beer, and baked bacon medallions right on a burning log at my new bushcraft camp… I showed how my fire looked like in the morning, and also cooked outdoor breakfast on it 🔥

The materials for the construction of the shelter were prepared in advance (the spruce branches were collected back in December from trees felled from the wind for another project … some of the poles were also collected since December) The original footage exceeded 3.5 hours…most of my physical work is cut off for the video’s watchability)

So – enjoy watching my new bushcraft skills) and thank you very much for the comments! ☺️☘️❤️

#survival #fire #shelter