Building Warm Bushcraft Survival Shelter, Hanging Wood Stove, Oil 小andle, Fried Mushrooms, Off Grid

In this episode, I decided to use dry birch trees to build a warm bushcraft survival shelter. For food, I collected what nature gave in the fall: apples, grapes, and mushrooms in the forest. For heating, I used a self-made hanging wood stove. Made an oil candle. This author’s development is very convenient for such conditions.

Building a Cabin in the Wilderness, Bushcraft, Survival, Fishing, Woodworking, Life Off Grid

Bushcraft Survival Cabin, Building a Fish Trap, Baking Fish in Clay, Alone Life Off Grid

Building Bushcraft Survival Underground Shelter, Warm Stone Bed, Clay Fireplace, Catch and Cook

Build Bushcraft Survival Shelter, Warm Stone Bed, Wood Stove, Catch and Cook

Winter Bushcraft Cabin, Wood Stove, Swedish Torch, Fried Salmon with Vegetables

Bushcraft Survival in the Canyon, Water Filter, Stone Underfloor Heating, Baking Bread, Thorn Jam

3 Day Camping in Carpathian Mountains, Journey for Landscape Photography

Bushcraft Survival in the Woods with One Knife, Overnight in Natural Shelter, Edible Mushrooms

Baking Bread, Ukrainian Borsch in a Traditional Oven in a Village House

Build Bushcraft Tree House, Fishing with Snakes, Catch and Cook, Grilled Vegetables, Rose Hip Tea

Solo Camping, Bushcraft Camp in Carpathians, Catch and Cook Trout, Overnight in Old-Growth Forest

Solo Camping, Bushcraft Camp, Overnight in a Shelter of Grass, Fried Potatoes with Salo

Bushcraft Cabin, Primitive Mechanics, Fried Mushrooms, Strawberry Compote

Bushcraft Camp in the Cave, Catch and Cook, Smoked Fish and Roasted Catfish, Rose Hip Tea

Build Bushcraft 小abin in the Woods from Start to Finish. Roasting 小hicken, Hawthorn Blossom Tea

Bushcraft Camp, Catch and Cook, Overnight in a Tarp Shelter

Bushcraft Camp Under a Rock, Overnight in a Tarp Shelter

Bushcraft Overnight in a Natural Shelter, Swedish Torch

Winter Bushcraft, Catch & Cook, Ice Fishing, Reed Shelter

Bushcraft on the Mountain, Pine Log Bench

Winter Bushcraft at -15 掳小 / 5 掳F in Natural Shelter, Campfire Cooking

Bushcraft Cooking Steak on the Campfire

Bushcraft on the Island, Campfire Cooking in a Landscape

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