Bunkering In: 25 Things Not To Do!

Bunkering In: 25 Things Not To Do!

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Bunkering in 20 Things not to do!
1. Thrive, Don’t just Survive!
2. Don’t leave Doors and Windows Unsecured. Re-enforce
3. Don’t Board Up Windows form the outside rather Inside
4. Don’t Let your guard down: 24/7
5. Don’t answer the door without a Firearm : Watch Back Entrance
6. Don’t Trust strangers: Be Skeptical
7. Don’t allow light to show from your house: Blackout curtains or Black Plastic
8. Don’t have a generator close to the house : Use Sparingly
9. Don’t use a Heat Source or Cook stove that is unsafe for indoors
10. Don’t go Blind: Cameras or visual access to your property
11. Don’t let trash pile up : Cover or Bury it
12. Don’t go out during the day if unnecessary
13. Don’t have supplies visible
14. Don’t burn treated wood or Green wood in your fireplace or firepit
15. Don’t use the toilet without filling the bowl completely: S-Trap
16. Don’t let pets out unless necessary
17. Don’t drink untreated water: Even Tap Water
18. Don’t store fuel near your house
19. Don’t park cars out front.
20. Don’t heat the whole house: Only one room
21. Don’t use wall as cover: Bullets go through sheetrock
22. Don’t leave doors unlocked
23. Don’t burn candles or lanterns unattended
24. Don’t go out alone
25. Don’t leave outside cover for criminals

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