Bushcraft Camp Update 17 – Stone Fire Pit, Cooking, Knife Sharpening (SPIDERS)

Bushcraft Camp Update 17 - Stone Fire Pit, Cooking, Knife Sharpening (SPIDERS)

I head to the bushcraft camp to update the stone fire pit, do some cooking, knife sharpening and when it gets dark I go deep into the woods to search for giant spiders.

Bushcraft Camp Update 16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT7CFCvEJ1c

In the previous bushcraft shelter video, I came to camp and upgraded the large lean to shelter to a supershelter. We added some clear sheet to act as a thermal boost for the survival shelter to help make camp warmer in the winter months. Prior to that camp update, I had built a wood framed roof with adjustable tarp system for when it rains. The next stage was to improve the firepit, so using some pieces of large stone or rocks that I had left over from building at the off grid cabin, I carried these to the camp and began work on the fire pit. It is still a little too small for the super shelter, and it probably needs another two more large rocks to allow a better cooking surface and so that it can take larger logs for the fire in winter months. But it is a start. I cook a steak over the fire on the grill, fire up the hurricane lantern and then head out into the woods at night to see what wildlife I might find. Thanks for joining me on the adventure. – Mike

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