Bushcraft Viking Turf House Build with Hand Tools – Timber Frame (PART 1)

Bushcraft Viking Turf House Build with Hand Tools - Timber Frame (PART 1)

Join me as I build a bushcraft viking house with turf roof. I use basic hand tools and simple building techniques to make a timber frame. This viking house is inspired by the Icelandic vikings. 30% of Iceland was forrested when it was settled. This meant that the vikings had to be resourceful and creative with their building constructions and so they used turf and stones to build the majority of the house. For this build, I am doing it slightly different. As I am in a dense woodland and have plenty of wood supply, I am building the foundations of the house using a basic roundwood timber frame with simple mortise and tenon joints. Traditionally, the vikings of Iceland would have built a foundation of stone and then built turf layers above this. This added great insulation to their houses and protected them from the strong winds and extreme cold. It meant that the house maintained an even temperature all year round.
In this video I use basic woodworking techniques and tools to create the timber frame. I make 6 posts from scotts pine (not ideal for timber frame as it is a softwood, but plenty of it around to use). I burn the ends of the posts. By taking the bark off with a drawknife and charring the ends of the poles, it helps make the post more resistant to rot when it is in the ground. I did 6 holes in the ground, right down to the gravel layer. I pack the posts in and then harvest more wood for the support beams. I use a wood mallet, chisel and auger to make mortise holes for the beams to sit on top of the posts. With the basic timber frame now made, I am ready to collect the wood for rafters.
In Part 2 I will finish building the rest of the frame. Collecting rafters of different lengths to give the bushcraft shelter a unique look. Be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with the series.

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