Can You Make a REAL Survival Kit at Tractor Supply?

Here is a survival kit that I put together using only items I found at Tractor Supply. It covers most of the 10 C’s of Survival.

Gear From This Video or Better Options:
Fiskars X7 Hatchet: (affiliate link)
Corona Folding Saw: (affiliate link)
8×10 Tarp: (affiliate link)
Stainless Steel Bottle and Nesting Cup: (affiliate link)
550 Paracord 100 ft: (affiliate link)
Zip Tie Assortment: (affiliate link)
Survival Bandana: (affiliate link)
Duct Tape: (affiliate link)
Compass: (affiliate link)
Fencing Pliers: (affiliate link)

Survival Uses for Zip Ties:
Best Prepper and Survival Items at Tractor Supply:
Best Prepper and Survival Items at Harbor Freight:

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