Catch and Cook SNAILS | Survival Tactics | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2016 S01E11 – RAIN DELAY

Jeremy (One Wildcrafter):

We caught and consumed 17 pike between the both of us. We ate piles of berries, snails and crayfish. Yet, day after day, we were losing more and more weight.

So how are these guys running with primitive gear or a short list of simple modern items on these survival shows providing sustenance for themselves?

The simple answer is that they aren’t.

They are either running huge caloric deficits like we were, or are feeding themselves off camera. We ate a huge volume of foods, often to the point where we couldn’t eat anymore, or it wasn’t palatable to do so, but we stayed honest to the challenge and gathered and fished what was in season.

By all accounts, we had exceptional success, but we still couldn’t overcome the universal issues involved in modern day survival and wilderness living. As we found foods must be consumed in inhumane volumes in order to maintain one’s body mass. This is due specifically to the lack of overall nutrition they contain. In the proportions we were eating, it just wasn’t enough to sustain us.

The problem that is made to appear so simple on television by survival experts, is actually not simple at all. Living off the “fat of the land” might be something that our ancestors were successful at doing, but our world is a far different place now. Wherever there was abundance, has become cities, and what used to be wild places, are now urban. Whatever wild foods were there are now just a part of history. What places we have remaining are not of much abundance at all, but are rather remote areas in which people could not get a stronghold on resources, including food, and therefore did not build cities there. This is one of the key problems associated with living in the wilderness today – the only wilderness that remains, is usually devoid of excess natural resources.

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