Offshore Asset Moves

Have you ever noticed that people with money tend to have money in good times and bad? It is said that it’s prudent to diversify assets into different classes. Some investors take that a step further and diversify domiciles where their assets are held. Here we are talking gold and the investor friendly Cayman Islands.

This is probably no mystery to some of you who read this site. Having kept up on certain ‘legislation’ post the big event on nine-eleven, much has changed. The thuggery quotient increased exponentially in the name of ‘security’. Some of us ask the critical question, “who’s security are we talking about anyway?” I know I have asked this question. Then there is this slippery word known as “transparency”. Man, I just LOVE that one. Clear as a murky cesspool. Again, who’s transparency are we talking about here? Why don’t I just go ahead and take a stab at it: YOURS. Period.
End of story.

International Man

So, I received this dispatch from John Hunt MD of Doug Casey’s International Man: To View Doug Casey’s International Man – Click Here. In this brief post, Mr. Hunt includes a brief video from SWP (Strategic Wealth Preservation).

In closing, I would like to thank International Man & especially John Hunt MD for permission to repost this article!

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