Chainsaw Woodworking with the Cutest Dog on YouTube

Chainsaw Woodworking with the Cutest Dog on YouTube

How to build a staircase with natural materials using a chainsaw. As I continue to finish the interior of the log cabin, I finally get around to building a wooden ladder to the sleeping loft. Cali, our Golden Retriever, tries out the bottom step, a slab of ash cut from a dead standing tree on the Canadian wilderness property. I cut and shape dowels of maple, birch and ash from the surrounding forest and use an Alaskan chainsaw mill to cut the stringers for the staircase as well as cordwood, log ends for steps. To keep warm in the unseasonably cold winter weather we are getting here on the American Thanksgiving, I roast a whole chicken with squash and potatoes on the wood stove. The fire is burning steady to fend off the bitter cold, down to -33 celsius, -27 Fahrenheit at night with the windchill and not much warmer during the day. A full moon lights up the cabin, but it’s so cold that I only take a few pictures of the night sky before my camera battery dies from the cold. Follow the drone as it flies through the bitter cold, snowy Canadian wilderness, hovering over waterfalls and rivers.

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