Check Out My SHTF Bugout Ride

Hey everyone, thanks for watching!
A lot of people set up their SHTF vehicles for the long haul, as if they are going to live out of it when it all goes down. For me, I don’t think that’s realistic. Keeping a family alive is not going to happen living out of a pickup or conversion van. We decided to live very simply in our homestead rather than have a seperate bug-out location to bunker down in if SHTF. Having the most secure self-reliant homestead won’t do me any good if I can’t get there though. That’s where my Bronco Badlands comes in. I don’t think there is a better vehicle when it comes to getting home when the roads are out of commission. With a few customization the truck is ready for almost anything. The winch and snatch-block; for if I somehow manage to get the best 4×4 system ever made stuck. The Badlands has front and rear locking axles, creating true 4wd, also it has a front sway bar disconnect that you can engage while under load (no other vehicle has this, not even the RUBICON).
Some other things I have added in case there are more obstacles than just the terrain (you know what I mean):
Protection: In Vehicle, Easy Access Rifle Scabbard.
Medical: Refuge Medical IFAC
Safety: Fire Extinguisher
Fuel: 2, Tire Mounted ROTOPAX
Sustainability: Portable Wood Stove, Quality Forest Axe and shovel
Grab and Go: Emergency Survival Kit
Visibility: Yellow Fog Lights, Ditch Lights and Day Maker Light Bar

Thanks again for watching and let me know if there is anything you would add. And if you think there is a better option out there for getting home when the roads are closed let me know!

Gear I Use:
My Knife
Chax Knives (Gambler)

Lasfit Pod Lights
3" LED Pod Sport Series Off-Road Hood Ditch Light SAE Fog Flood 18W

Klutchtech Center Console
PROMO CODE SAVE 15%: BASurvivor93

JCR Winch Plate

RotopaX RX-2G

Rock Slide Engineering AC-TR 102S Ez Rack Kit

GearAmerica Off-Road Recovery Kit

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