Coconut Crab Facts – How to Survive on a Desert Island – Part 3 of 3-Patrick Childress Sailing #18

Coconut Crabs. Can you survive on a Desert Island with Nothing? Part 3 of 3. Patrick Childress Sailing
Could you survive on a deserted island? Can you eat Coconut Crabs, if it were legal? What do Coconut crabs eat? Where do Coconut crabs live? Do Coconut Crabs eat coconuts? Can you eat Coconut crabs if do coconut crabs eat coconuts? What’s the best way to catch a coconut crab? How to survive on a desert island By yourself? Do you know how to catch a coconut crab if you had to?
Would you Survive On a Deserted Island? This answers how to survive on a desert island if you get stranded. By Patrick Childress Sailing, #18.
Coconut Crabs are the largest land crab in the world.. Everything you wanted to know about a Coconut Crab. How long does a coconut crab live? Do coconut crabs eat coconuts? What do coconut crabs eat? They are a protected species in some areas of the tropics, Like in Chagos, but on others you could survive on a deserted island by eating coconut crabs. You really could survive on a deserted island after watching The Videos Patrick made on a deserted island , one day when he sailed his boat there. Go to Fixing Sailboats YouTube, go to for more sailboat How To videos.

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