Costa Rica: ripping jungle trails & surviving the emergency room!

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La Pura Vida- I thought this was just a gringo phrase, to be printed on walls of airports, bar napkins, and cheap t-shirts, but it turns out locals really do say this every day! And after three days in the country, I can see why!

With an itinerary of a quick three day trip to the small Central American trip, I gave movie maker Logan Nelson a call, as well as photographer Eric Mickelson. We headed down to the tropics right in the middle of the rainy season, and therefore, with zero expectations. And what we discovered was amazing- a truly robust enduro community!

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Jeff rides an Ibis Cycles Ripmo mountain bike:
Jeff wears a Camelbak Kudo hydration pack:
Jeff wears the Kitsbow Cycling Apparel Trials Jacket, Ride Tee, and Origin short:
Jeff is protected by the Kali Protectives Interceptor helmet:

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