Disaster Kit: Be Prepared Not Scared! (SHTF, Armageddon, EMP, Financial Collapse, Nuclear)

A disaster kit is needed. Disasters happen. SHTF, Armageddon, EMP, End of World, Financial Collapse, nuclear meltdown and many more situations are examples of where a disaster kit (prepper, bugout) would be a huge win. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Snow Storms, Earthquakes and even power outages are natural reasons why to have a disaster kit. Thrive, dont just survive! In these situations, having some provisions in key areas means you can evacuate quickly where applicable, or after a disaster it means you can live off of the disaster kits for a week easy with most everything you will need. SHTF, Armageddon, EMP, End of World, Financial Collapse and Nuclear bombs, etc. are all what is talked about, but even in a simple power outage this kit comes in handy very much so.

Medical Bag Link ($14.99):

Southern Made 120+ Hr Candles Link ($13.50 for 3 Pack):

Brief List:
Gravity Water Filter
Crank Radio/Flashlight
Flashlight x 2
Batteries x 20
Bushcraft Knife
Water Bottles/Containers (120 Ounces Total and 1 x Metal Bottle)
Entrees Per Person x 8
Lunches Per Person x 8
Breakfast Per Person x 8
Snacks Per Person: Honey, Energy Gel, Meat Bars, Jerky, Protein Powder (Personal Preference)
IsoButane Stove x 1
IsoButane Fuel x 4 Large
Cook Pot
Polymer Plates/Bowls
Candles x 216 Hours Total
Cordage x 200ft
Solar Lantern x 2
Bar Soap x Personal Preference
Light Sticks x Personal Preference
Solar Blanket x Per Person
N95 or Better Respirator x Per Person
Poop Kit (Toilet Paper)
All Purpose Soap
Clothes Wash Bag
Travel Laundry Detergent
Gorilla Tape Wrapped Around a Card



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