Do This With Potatoes To BOOST Soil & Plant Health #Shorts

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Recipe from JADAM Ultra Low-Cost Organic Farming book:

This is something I’ve been doing for the last 2 growing seasons and is a fantastic way of improving the health of the soil and plants by adding native biology to your garden’s soil. This recipe is called JADAM microbial solution and is amazing at encouraging strong plant roots too, so apply it a day or two before transplanting crops.

It is also great to use diluted whenever you’re watering your plants, and if you do it just before rainfall it’ll help take the microbes down into the soil. This stuff will really improve your soil noticeably and is so easy to make!

This was a 10litre version (200 litres diluted) perfect for small gardens, but you can scale this up to 60 litres using the same quantities.

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