Early Winter Overnight Camping with my Dog in the Wilderness

Early Winter Overnight Camping with my Dog in the Wilderness

In this video Måns and I head out and spend a night camping in the wilderness. The first signs of winter have started to show and a light dusting of snow covers the landscape. The lakes have also started to freeze over.
Måns carries his own gear which consists of a wool blanket, collapsible bowl, two days worth of food and a lead.
I am carrying my Wilderness Pack, modified LK35 on an aluminium frame. This is my ‘leave no trace’ pack where I bring in my basic camping setup that weighs in at around 16kg for two days.
In this video we are basically just camping which involves some basic bushcraft skills, camp setup, knots, fire prep and wood prep, water sterilisation, sleep system, just basic skills and camp routines when out camping in the wilderness.
I won’t be uploading a video next Sunday due to work this week, but the episodes will continue Sunday the 10th.
Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video.

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