Easy DIY Mini-Hoophouse for Growing Vegetables #shorts

Quickly sharing the basics of the mini hoop house design I’m using. Thanks to @jamesprigioni for initial inspiration🔥Material I used for a mini-hoop house to go over a 4ftx10ft (1.2x3m)

3 – 10ft lengths of 2×3 Timber
2 – 10ft lengths of roofing batten 25mmx50mm
2 – 4ft lengths of 2×3 Timber
2 – 2ft lengths of 2×3 Timber
8 – 3m lengths of alcathene pipe 22mm thick
2-3 – Door Hinges
UV Plastic sheeting 16ft x 6ft to allow for plenty of overhang (polytunnel plastic)
80mm nails/screws
40mm nails/screws
Any tape (electrical tape works well)
Thin Wood strips 2.4m 28ft in total (any lengths)
Nails longer than the wood strips
Piece of wood for ventilation

Note – use stainless steel screws and hinge to allow you to easily take the hoop house off one bed and install on another bed 🌿

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